A Hot Dog Stand Can Teach You As Much About Business As a Podcast Can

General February 17, 2017

A Hot Dog Stand Can Teach You As Much About Business As a Podcast Can

’ve been listening to the podcast “How I Built This” a lot lately per the recommendation of our Head of Product. She said the stories are fascinating. And they are.

From the podcast I’ve learned two things:

1) The most defining trait of successful entrepreneurs is passion.

2) To change the world, you have to do more than listen to podcasts.

We hear success stories of iconic startups: Uber, Airbnb, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, the list goes on. We love to hear how companies started from the beginning, from the bottom, from the bud of an idea, to something we all recognize today.

But, I’ve since realized, what we do not always drool over are the founding stories of the un-sexy businesses — the million or billion dollar business that grew from nothing to everything — but don’t have the visibility of the major tech giants. Think waste management systems, the bottled water company, flower shops, local restaurants.

And yet, many of these non-trending businesses have just as much to teach us.

Take LA’s iconic Pink’s Hot Dogs for example. It’s down the street from our office, and I walk by it every day. It’s merely a hot dog stand, but through passion and hard work has become a major LA business (worth drooling over). The restaurant has been around for over seven decades and has been acclaimed the best hot dog restaurant in SoCal. It’s known to be frequented by LA stars like Kim Kardashian and Gene Simmons.

Pink’s Hot Dog Stand — the small business that became something much bigger.

Pink’s was just a hot dog stand in 1939—but it had a parking lot too. This differentiator, which was major LA gridlock, and with passion and love, it grew, and grew, and grew.

The men and women who’ve funded their companies on StartEngine all believe that their thing is the thing. They’re looking for investors like you to help set their thing apart from the rest. Look to all businesses, not just the attractive, headlining companies, for stories and for growth, as each has its strengths and weaknesses. Success comes from the passion, team members, and dedication. Companies turn to StartEngine because they have passion in their ideas and their team believes they can grow big—they just need a capital pick-me-up to take the leap.

Let’s get to building!

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