Every Company Must Push a Little Harder to Break Through

For Companies General February 17, 2017

Every Company Must Push a Little Harder to Break Through

New year. New companies. New reasons to check out StartEngine.

If you saw the ball drop in Manhattan on New Year’s Eve, you probably saw a lot of Planet Fitness logos. And if you reconsidered your health or fitness in the last week, you probably know why: The $30.3B American gym market hits its annual peak every January. Once upon a time Planet Fitness was a disruptor in the gym market, instituting low prices and “judgment free” messaging. And after 25 years, the scrappy challenger became a globally recognized brand.

Every company starts from the bottom. And it’s a hike to make it to the top. Planet Fitness pushed through its many workouts to become the global enterprise it now is. The company had to drop its monthly prices from the initial fees in order to have an increase in their clientele. It was not an overnight snap of a finger that brought the Planet Fitness logos to the annual event. It was decades of strategic and




Source: Planet Fitness

supported growth.

But is the rags to riches story exclusive to the budget brands? Not really. Take acclaimed cycling studio SoulCycle, for example. Believe it or not, SoulCycle didn’t start in a day. In 2005, the co-founders Elizabeth Cutler and Julie Rice met on a blind date, conceptualized the company then and there and took off. In 2006 the company opened its first studio. But the company didn’t scale until 2011 after that, growing into the west coast in 2012 and 2013 then DC, Boston, Miami, and Chicago in 2014 and 2015. In the company’s first few years of growth, they built a brand, trained fitness instructors on their voices within the company, and gained a celebrity “cult” following. Their small, steady growth at the beginning turned into a large fitness empire of its own with their Equinox partnership. Growth comes from hard work, networking, and pushing!

                                                                              Source: NYTimes

Whether they’re fitness/sports brands, auto innovators or cocktail creators, the companies on StartEngine are all looking to push through. Check out their stories. We’ve got a bunch of new players this month!

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