Help Small Businesses Become Super Bowl Businesses

For Companies General February 9, 2017

Help Small Businesses Become Super Bowl Businesses

Yesterday, between commercials, I read about a pretty cool small business program for companies in Super Bowl cities. It’s called NFL Business Connect and it pairs local startups with national contractors. This year, 300 Houston businesses were given coveted spots in the program, which is known for boosting business and spurring reliable growth.

Large events, businesses, and sporting games alike have the power to help those much smaller then their own. The NFL currently is valued at $74.8 billion. But it’s nice to know that the NFL also works to help build companies smaller than its own. In fact, here the NFL is not spending millions of dollars of its own to help others —it is providing a clear channel of networking for these local startups to receive the recognition and connection to those who are willing and able to help!

The world today is about helping one other. Offer your help, you never know how much someone else can benefit from a minute of your time (or the other way around). StartEngine brings you the opportunity to help companies to grow bigger, and there is a possibility that both can benefit from it financially.

Every company needs its big break. The good news is you’ll find a bunch of them on StartEngine!

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