Domino’s Makes a Comeback with a Startup Attitude

For Companies General April 6, 2017


Domino’s Makes a Comeback with a Startup Attitude

New delicious recipes paired with exciting marketing initiatives launches Domino’s back to the top of pizza.

Our favorite startup story of the week is actually that of the 57-year-old sleeping pizza giant: Domino’s.

As Bloomberg reports, the chain nearly doubled its market share between 2009 and 2016 by overhauling everything: demolishing old recipes, blitzing on the creation of an app, even delivering pizza with drones.

Domino’s wanted to bring the fun back into their marketing plan by introducing new ways to order pizza. Pizza orders can be placed on social media with emojis and through their app. They even created a wedding registry for pizza “lovers.” A new tracking system allows customers to track their pizza as it makes its way from the oven to their doorstep.

                                                        Warner Bros. Television

Cheers to you, Domino’s, for acting like a startup and redefining pizza. If only the internet was around in 1960, when investors could’ve first gotten a slice of that pie.

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