Empowering our world with revolutionary environmental data


Empowering our world with revolutionary environmental data

Colorado Springs, CO
Everyone on Earth is affected by weather. When hail falls from the sky, Hailios knows what the hail actually happened because they developed the world’s first compact, wireless hail sensor and analysis platform. For the first time, insurance companies have an accessible, granular, real-time data solution for destructive weather. With an easily-deployed sensor, Hailios supplies the world with irrefutable environmental data that dramatically improves hail insurance protection, empowers accurate AI, and contributes to a more climate-resilient future. Hailios currently focuses on hail (ie HAILios), and the sensor has the capabilities to measure wind, lightning, flood, and more with the same precision.


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Reasons to Invest


  • Hailios has solved an expensive and complicated problem. Hail is super destructive and melts quickly, making it ghostly in nature. Hailios has developed the only ground sensor that collects granular hail data in realtime that is easy to deploy, making it highly scalable. (Patent Pending # US20200081153A1)

  • Poised to be a global supplier of environmental data. Hailios is active in the US, Australia, Canada, and Europe, working with over 18 companies across the insurance value chain, such as SwissRe, Hailsure, Berkshire Hathaway, AXA Climate, AON, Generali, and Descartes.


Fast and accurate hail claims processing

Hailios’ Eyewitness IoT sensor is the world’s first compact, wireless hail detection and analysis system (patent pending # US20200081153A1). Without Hailios, the only existing sources the insurance industry can rely on for measuring hail are based on radar and satellite data sets, significantly lacking in accuracy. Such data sets are based on estimations of what might be in a storm cloud that’s gathered from thousands of feet or even miles away. However, hail is an unpredictable weather phenomenon. Hail can be blown off its projected course and dramatically change in size as well as velocity between the time it falls from a cloud and makes impact with the ground. Hailios takes a radical approach to hail data by developing a sensor that captures data from the ground up. With their eyes looking up to the skies, the Hailios Eyewitness sensor is a scalable solution that captures irrefutable hail and other environmental data sets that become available to insurance companies in real-time. 

While some believe an accessible solution lies in applying AI to radar technology, the fact is AI will only be effective if it has large streams of accurate data. The Hailios Scoop database provides real-time, ground-truth data that helps shape the future of insurance and empower any future AI learning.

The unknowns associated with climate change and its impact on severe weather are driving the need for better data and better insurance approaches. Most important among these approaches is parametric insurance, which is fast becoming the global standard for coverage and automated weather-related claims payout. Parametric insurance automatically pays out on the basis of a pre-agreed weather trigger, such as maximum hail size or volume at a property, eliminating the need for an adjuster to assess damage. Hailios is positioned at the heart of the parametric market, able to accurately sense and understand what happens at each property or asset being insured. This innovation saves insurers and policyholders substantial money and time in the claims process, while facilitating greater climate resiliency. Hailios is working with 18+ insurance companies across the value chain to provide the data trigger for hail parametric and have the market approaching them for data solutions.                      

The Problem

Hail damage is extremely costly and can be very difficult to manage for insurers and policyholders 

The cost of hail damage was more than $36 billion in the US last year (surpassing hurricanes), as it continues to become more frequent and intense, occurring in more populated areas each year.

As the frequency of hail storms increases, insurance companies are faced with the simple problem that hail is ice, and ice melts. This makes hail extremely difficult to study or even predict since a lot can happen between the clouds (where radar measures it) and the ground. Data on hail is some of the most difficult to capture because it is hyper-localized and damage levels can vary greatly, even within a few hundred feet of one another. Insurers and policyholders need a solution for the rising gaps in coverage, but in order to provide this type of coverage (parametric insurance), they need access to accurate, granular, and localized data.

the market

Hailios’ accuracy, efficiency, and affordability is unmatched as we meet the demands of a growing multibillion-dollar market

Severe weather and climate disaster events that caused over $1 billion worth of damages have cost the US  over $2 trillion since 1980, with $1 trillion occurring in just the last decade.

The global weather information technologies market was valued at $9.41 billion in 2019,  with an expected CAGR of 8.5% through 2027, arriving at a market value of $18.07 billion. This means the market will double in size by 2027, with climate change continuing to push the need for accurate weather data collection.

New Verticals

Canceled concerts used to be few and far between. After the coronavirus outbreak and subsequent shutdowns, canceled concerts are all too familiar. These large-budget, in-person events also seek insurance policies for weather-related cancellations. 

Hailios services can be leveraged to cover more than roofs, cars, or crops. Hailios technology is being applied to more vertical markets every day. 

In addition to being hyper-accurate, our technology was designed for scale and easy set-up. The Eyewitness sensor can be shipped anywhere in the world and installed in less than 10 minutes, and immediately starts capturing and sharing data to Scoop, our centralized database and dashboard. Hailios has the easiest, more accurate, and most affordable solution available on the market.


THE solution

We’ve revolutionized the approach to capturing hail data

We believe our patent pending Eyewitness IoT sensor technology is unlike anything on the market today, and is able to monitor hail intensity, hail diameter, how many impacts, timestamps for each impact, temperature, barometric pressure, lightning, wind speed and direction, precipitation, solar radiation, UV and photometrics. We combine our data for hail impact with global satellite and radar data to provide the most robust event data possible. 

Our system is highly scalable and enables a wide array of benefits to insurers and policyholders alike. We partner with insurance and data companies to become their hail data provider, and collectively build parametric product(s) that incorporate our services as the data trigger. This effectively gives us wide-scale distribution through each of our partnerships. 

We offer our hardware, connectivity, cloud service, 24/7 monitoring, maintenance and data as a simple subscription service. Our partners use their existing distribution channels to sell the parametric products to their customers (auto dealerships, farms, apartment building owners, etc.), which allows us to organically build out broader networks of sensors to be used in other low cost solutions and services for other verticals, like ‘Smart Neighborhoods’, which we are pioneering with a major retail insurance partner.

our traction

We are working with over 18 companies on three different continents, and have received numerous awards for our innovation

We are active in the US, Australia, Canada, and Europe, working with over 18 companies across the insurance value chain, such as SwissRe, AXA Climate, AON, Generali, Descartes, McGowan Companies, RSG-Allrisks, Berkshire Hathaway, SCOR, MunichRe, Marsh, Hailsure, Renewable Guard, and Amwins. 

With 99% SaaS renewals year over year, we have active customers in key verticals such as auto dealerships, agriculture, municipalities, multi-family, commercial, and residential.

In addition, Hailios has received the following recognition and awards:

  • Named 1 of 11 “InsurTechs to watch in 2021” by Property Casualty 360

  • Named a “2021 Insurtech Impact 25” honoree by Oxbow Partners

  • Google Climate Accelerator nominee (2021)

  • Lloyd’s of London, Lloyd’s Lab Cohort 5 (2020)

  • Plug and Play Accelerator Finalist (2019)

  • Hartford Insurtech Hub finalist  (2018)

Why Invest

Our proven proprietary technology has massive market potential  

Our product is fully developed and live on the market in three different continents, and we are currently looking to expand our partners and do a “land grab” to edge out current and future competitors. Our vision is to be the industry leader for hail data collection, as the most hyper-local environmental data solution in the world. As we continue to aggregate the data points of each sensor we deploy, we believe we will be able to provide the most accurate historical and forecasting data available. 

Hailios is already working with over 18 different companies across numerous verticals within the insurance value chain, and we’ve only just scratched the surface of our potential market. With each insurance or data partnership, we have tens of millions in potential subscription revenue. As the global weather information technologies market exceeds $10 billion and parametric insurance becomes the global standard, Hailios is well-positioned for success. We believe our proprietary ground up approach to hail detection and analysis is simply unparalleled by any radar or satellite system out there.   

At any moment, every human on Earth is susceptible to weather. While we are all affected by it, we are not equally protected. Our sensors take traditional insurance from a speculative and reactive industry, limited by time and human resources, to real-time facts. Insurance backed by data means faster payouts, less fraud, and overall better protection for more people. 

A lot of startups have to convince you of their market: ours is Earth. We believe our product fits anywhere and everywhere weather happens. As our web of connectivity grows, we project our data will power more solutions. 

Invest in Hailios now to help build a more connected and climate-resilient future. 

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2021 Insurtech Impact 25

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$25000 - Tier IV Invest $25,000, and receive 20% bonus shares.

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The 10% StartEngine Owners' Bonus

Hailios will offer 10% additional bonus shares for all investments that are committed by investors that are eligible for the StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. OWNer's bonus.

This means eligible StartEngine shareholders will receive a 10% bonus for any shares they purchase in this offering. For example, if you buy 100 shares of Common Stock at $1.21 / share, you will receive 110 shares of Common Stock, meaning you'll own 110 shares for $121. Fractional shares will not be distributed and share bonuses will be determined by rounding down to the nearest whole share.

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The Company will not incur any irregular use of proceeds.

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"If I had a million dollars" by the Barenaked Ladies is inspiring us on #MusicMonday

8 days ago

It probably comes as no surprise that there are many weather nerds on Team Hailios. But everyone is also a music nerd, and so we like to share a song that relates to the weather or whatever may be happening with Hailios every #MusicMonday. 

For the launch of our StartEngine campaign, this song is too fitting: 

"If I Had A Million Dollars" by the Barenaked Ladies
released December, 1992

🎶If I had a million dollars
I would buy direct ownership
in a company that is changing the InsurTech game.
Oh wait... that's us!

#MusicMonday #TeamHailios #HailYeah

It takes two to mango, Hailios expands to Australia

28 days ago

Hailios Expands to Australia! Eyewitness is now protecting mangoes and other high-value agriculture

Hold onto your mangoes, here comes the hail. Indeed, farmers down under are keen to protect their fruit and nuts from the severe hailstorms that are a big problem there. But some can now rest easier as Hailios ground sensors have begun to provide farmers in Australia and New Zealand with access to better coverage through parametric hail insurance that its innovative technology underpins. The company is the developer of the world’s first compact, scalable and wireless hail detection and analysis system, and acts as a third-party data provider for parametric coverage, primarily, that’s being offered by its partners in Australia like Descartes, with backing from multiple large reinsurers.

The company is already involved in protecting several orchards there, from kiwis to macadamia nuts. And the operators of those farms plan massive rollouts in 2022 because traditional indemnity-style hail insurance has been expensive, slow and inadequate. Before Hailios came along, though, there wasn’t a feasible, accurate source of hail data to underwrite parametric policies, which enable much faster payouts and more inclusive protection.   

With its ground-truth sensors, Hailios is solving the hard market for hail insurance, which has been a problem in all hail-prone regions around the world. Its technology surpasses inaccurate radar-derived hail data to enable faster paying and more inclusive protection via revolutionary parametric hail insurance.

Rob McMullan, Vice President of Business & Corporate Development at Hailios, explained that “there’ve been times when we thought, this is too hard, maybe instead we should just create an Internet of Baguettes connecting lovers of crusty bread everywhere, or something like that. Investors and customers would certainly be hungry for that. But nope, we stuck with IoT in the form of scalable hail sensors, because no one else has that and because hail caused $200B+ damage in the last decade and it’s rising with climate change. Fortunately, we finally solved the tech and now all the leading insurance players are saying they need accurate and scalable hail data that only our sensors can provide.  We’ll save the baguettes idea for another day.”

McMullan adds that, “Seriously, though, we’re very pleased that Hailios’ hyper-accurate hail data is now helping to enhance climate resilience and food security in Australia as it has been doing since launching last year in the United States.” 

Ben Qin, Head of North Asia and Australia for leading tech-centric MGA Descartes Underwriting, echoes that sentiment, saying “Hailios has developed a world class system that we use in Australia and elsewhere to confidently and efficiently underwrite parametric hail policies, which help to better protect farmers and other vulnerable asset owners.”  

Fast, accurate hail claims processing wasn't possible. Until now -- see what's possible with Hailios.

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