Take a Page From These Business Owners’ Books

For Companies General April 6, 2017


Take a Page From These Business Owners’ Books

Disrupting the status quo pays off.

If you’re a business owner, you likely do things your own way. And you’re in good company. Here are three disruptors we heard about this week:

The Professor Who’s Crowdfunding His Salary
Steve Keen, a professor at Kingston University in the UK, is reportedlycrowdfunding his salary for the next semester. He claims the traditional funding is so bureaucratic that he can’t actually put any of his research into action.

The Anarchists Who Are Fixing Potholes
A group calling itself the Portland Anarchist Road Care is taking the problem of potholes into its own hands. The group promotes the idea that counterculture can be productive if engaged with the right intention.

The CEO Who’s Offering De-Locations Out of Silicon Valley
Zapier, a San-Francisco based software company, is refusing to let the high rent standards of Silicon Valley drain its business. They’re offering “de-location” packages to employees; some have already taken the offer to Hawaii.

Entrepreneurs, keep breaking the status quo! And, of course, let us know if you think raising capital (in our new, disruptive way) could help your business.

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