The Power of Organizing Your Friends

For Companies General October 6, 2016

The Power of Organizing Your Friends

In case you missed it, StartEngine is running a contest. Refer the most people to our site and win up to $40,000 and an Elio.

If you want to win, the logical place to start would be your already established network of friends, family, colleagues, associates, and acquaintances. With social media, sharing with your community has never been easier. To rack up contest referrals, you simply have to ask your networks to sign up with your code, and get them to share with their friends.

But knowing how to create compelling social media posts may prove to be difficult. If you are able to follow these quick and simple steps to optimize the power of your social media accounts, you will be well on your way to the top of the leaderboard and that $40,000 prize.

1. Create a clear and compelling introduction.

If your introduction does not immediately capture the attention of a viewer scrolling their feed, they will quickly disregard your post and move on. For inspiration, consider these four options for your opening sentence or headline:

  • Unique. Make people do a double take!
  • Very specific. Spell out exactly what you want people to do.
  • Convey urgency. Make people want to click right away.
  • Useful. Let people know how they will benefit from signing up.

2. Engage your readers.

Posting your referral code for the sole purpose of moving up the leaderboard will not convince your network to follow through. Communicate the mission of the contest and StartEngine to create interest in what you’re doing. And let them know that once they signup, they too receive their own referral code, and can join in the hunt for that grand prize.

3. Tap pre-existing communities.

While sharing on your Facebook timeline may reach out to the widest possible audience, do not shy away from posting in specific groups and on specific pages affiliated with the tech, investment, and crowdfunding communities. Additionally, LinkedIn alone has over two million communities, and you are bound to find more on other social platform such as Google+, Twitter, and Reddit. Finding and reaching out to the right groups and communities can be a crucial and effective way to pique the interest of supporters predisposed to the cause.

4. Post multiple times.

You never know who might have missed or skimmed past your post the first time around, or how many people could just use a reminder to sign up. Additionally, posting at various times throughout the day will target different audiences. Just be sure to change up the content of your post if you want to keep readers engaged and motivated.

Have a tip that I didn’t include? Share it in the comments!

Good luck!

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