Why Facebook Live?

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Why Facebook Live?

Videos are becoming an important tool to utilize when promoting a product online. Cisco says that by 2020, mobile video will generate 75% of all mobile data traffic. Even in 2012, that number was 50%. Video also satisfies the increasing desire for fans and followers to receive transparency from businesses. Businesses can in turn use the power of video to attract a loyal customer base and build personal relationships with that customer base. It is a win/win, so why not join in?

Facebook Live has various uses that could help amplify the involvement of your business.

A popular form of Facebook Live that StartEngine has found helpful is doing interviews. Check out our Facebook page to see how it works. In addition, Q&A’s can make fans feel as if they are actually talking with their favorite business partners. It creates a personal relationship and actually allows your fans to interact via the comment section. Fans and followers can post questions and comments while live.

Other unique ideas that we have seen include showing how the business is run behind the scenes. This could be done by introducing team members, showing how the product is made, or even revealing a unique aspect of the business that fans may find interesting. Further, depending on a company’s product or service, it is possible to do a Facebook Live demo or demonstrate how to use the product or service.

So how is it done? Here are some of the best practices and suggestions for using Facebook Live.

Preparation and Setup

Telling fans ahead of time when a company will be broadcasting live will likely result in a larger amount of viewers. Some of the promotional posts can include reminding viewers how to receive a notification (explained below).

No matter the style of the video, casual or professional, it is important that the video is crisp and clear; a blurry video can be disengaging. WIFI is the best form of Internet connection, but a 4G connection can work as well. You can check that you have a strong connection by downloading the Speedtest app. Also make sure that the volume is loud and clear.

For semi-edited or more professional Facebook Live videos, take into account proper lighting. Professional equipment such as a tripod or backdrop may be needed to provide the look a company wants. To clarify, not every Facebook Live video has to be formal and professional; it depends on the topic and the style of the video. Lastly, before going live, write a catchy caption; this will draw in the viewers and give them an idea of what your topic is about.


The key is to engage with fans and make it exciting. Be cautious of boring the viewers. While live, viewers can comment, so be sure to respond in real time and answer any questions they have. Addressing viewers by name can be effective and creates a personal connection. Lastly, using a closing line to signal you are ending the live stream will help you have a clean finish.


To keep viewers interested and engaged with you, go live often. For those that missed the live video, you can share it on Facebook like a normal video. It can then be boosted for further views or deleted at any time.

Highlights and Features of Facebook Live.

To start off, a broadcast can last up to 90 minutes. It is important to note that the live videos appear higher on the news feed than previously broadcasted recordings.

Lastly, there are various ways for viewers to receive notifications:

  1. Viewers can choose to receive notifications when they click the follow button for a company’s page.
  2. Or when you see a live video tap the “live subscribe button” on top of the live video to get notified for future videos
  3. If you frequently engaged or recently visited a page/person going live, you may receive notifications automatically

Lessons learned from StartEngine Live

Do not be scared to go live on Facebook for the first time. Try to prepare yourself for success, but keep in mind the first video will not be perfect. We had our first StartEngine live event a few weeks ago, and while many viewers tuned in, there are improvements to be made! There is a learning curve and we are learning each time. We want to hear from you! If you have any questions or suggestions for how to use Facebook Live feel free to comment below or on our Facebook page.

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